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The most successful renditions of today’s modern office interiors incorporate an ideal blending of aesthetics and functionality. They manifest an environment that not only enables employees to perform, but propels them to new levels of productivity. At Integral Contracting, we transform office interiors into exquisite models of efficiency and ergonomics. In doing so, our objective is to maximize the use of space without creating an unwanted sense of confinement, to allow for openness and collaboration when called for, and isolation and privacy when necessary. We utilize quality materials and incorporate intelligent design to present your company and culture in the highest light, but also allow for the maximum level of functionality. The result is designed to not only please your home staff and impress your visiting clients, but to expand the potential of what a work environment can truly be.

Reliance National Risk

DESCRIPTION: Complete office renovation for Reliance National Risk

CLIENT: Reliance National Risk

PROJECT: Over 500,000 square feet over 5 years


DESCRIPTION: Offices, conference rooms, and library for the Foundation Center

CLIENT: The Foundation Center,
New York, NY

PROJECT: 20,000 sq. ft.


DESCRIPTION: Crest Uniforms commercial office and showroom renovation

CLIENT: Crest Uniforms,
New York, NY

PROJECT: 30,000 sq. ft.


DESCRIPTION: 40,000 sq. ft. garment center showroom for the NY sales office of Esprit De Corps

CLIENT: Esprit De Corps,
San Francisco, CA

PROJECT: Two floors and roof. The work consisted of: four roof skylights, rooftop HVAC and distribution system through pressurized ceiling plenums (eliminating the need for sheet metal duct work), unconventional floor finishes, sprayed-on acoustical ceiling treatment, custom fabricated built-in workstations, communicating staircase, and glassplank floor paving. Project was completed in four months.


a.       Corporate offices

b.      Empire State Building


a.       600 Madison Ave

b.      20,000 square foot renovation

Sage Realty

a.       Office renovation

b.      5 Hanover

Kingdon Capital

a.       3 floors

b.      Carnegie Hall Tower

TRA Studios

a.       Office renovation

b.      SOHO

NYLO Hotel

a.       Office renovation

Highgate Properties

a.       Corporate offices

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